Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Camping Trip

Kreg and Luke
Tara and Luke
Kreg fishing in the cove
panoramic view of Sunshine Cove

Last Labor Day, Kreg and I went camping (Luke's first time!) in this awesome spot called Sunshine Cove. It's way way far out the road here in Juneau, and you have to hike down a little ways to the camp grounds which are just inside the trees leading down to a beach with it's own cove. It happened to be a Monday, but Kreg didn't have to work for a couple of days, so while everyone else went back to the ol' grinding stone, we played and fished (and caught one or two, but they were ugly and we tossed them back). We hiked and camped all by ourselves, because no one else was out there. It was private and sunny; warm and beautiful. We saw deer, lots of eagles, squirrels, and even our own humback whale who was dancing in the water right in the cove. And we took a lot of pictures. And some video.


Jana Sohm said...

I love all of your pictures! Alaska seems like the coolest place to live. I hope you guys are living it up while you are there!

shanda said...

I want to come and visit. I hope we can make another visit while you all are still there. Cute pics.