Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Camping Trip

Kreg and Luke
Tara and Luke
Kreg fishing in the cove
panoramic view of Sunshine Cove

Last Labor Day, Kreg and I went camping (Luke's first time!) in this awesome spot called Sunshine Cove. It's way way far out the road here in Juneau, and you have to hike down a little ways to the camp grounds which are just inside the trees leading down to a beach with it's own cove. It happened to be a Monday, but Kreg didn't have to work for a couple of days, so while everyone else went back to the ol' grinding stone, we played and fished (and caught one or two, but they were ugly and we tossed them back). We hiked and camped all by ourselves, because no one else was out there. It was private and sunny; warm and beautiful. We saw deer, lots of eagles, squirrels, and even our own humback whale who was dancing in the water right in the cove. And we took a lot of pictures. And some video.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Chocolate Fiasco

One morning, when I woke up, I noticed that Luke had gotten off of the headboard a paper cup, and thinking that there was nothing in it and that it wouldn't be a problem, I dozed off again. Next thing I knew, Luke was covered in what I discovered to be chocolate! (I discovered this because I could hear him attempting to inhale it as fast as possible. The very loud and messy sounding slurps and sighs awoke me.) Apparently there was a large chunk of what was formally an easter bunny in that cup. He quite enjoyed himself.

Playing catch up

We haven't ever put up a blog about our family before, so we may have to do some back dating to catch up. To date, Kreg and I have been living in Juneau, Alaska for over a year and a half. We really love it here, but we miss all of Kreg's family back home in SLC! Tara's family, or at least her parents, still live in Juneau though, and we enjoy being able to see them often.

Kreg works as a Behavioral Health Associate for a company called Juneau Youth Services. He works at a residental treatment facility guiding kids who are in the program on how to manage and maintain their behavior in society. It is very fullfilling work, but stressful sometimes.

Tara is a stay at home mom right now, but she is getting ready to go back to teaching preschool. A lady in our ward owns a child care facility, and we have worked with her before. Ideally, Tara would like to run her own program out of our home, but we aren't ready to get that started yet.

Luke is closing in on is first birthday, in just over a month! He has been crawling and standing while holding on the things for some time, but just this week, he stood all by himself for the first time, and also took several steps for the first time! We were so proud we could burst! He is the center of our lives, and we are very proud of efverything he does.

Also, we still have our cat Milo, who may not be our child exactly, but we love him anyway. Luke adores him, and he tolerates Luke, so it's a working relationship.

So, that's us in a nutshell. Just to get started.